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Help us name our RV Contest!

Nancy Powell20 Comments

It's time, you guys. 

We need to name our RV.  As we began the months of preparations for this journey, and I read of others' experiences, I saw that many, even most, other people named their RV.  I thought that was cute for them, but maybe a little unnecessary.  

Well, I think now it's necessary. While we're starting to get used to the concept of this RV being our home, it doesn't always make sense to refer to the RV as home.  It works to say, "It's time to go home," but not so much "Home needs gas," or "Can you help me back home up into our campsite?"  See what I mean?

We still use the words "the RV" a lot.  And Mark has taken the occasional liberty of referring to it as Harvey. Get it?  Yeah, that just can't stick, and that brings us to this post.  We want to give our RV, our 'home for a year' a proper name and we want some suggestions!

What is our home like?  Well, it's just right for us! Not too big, not too small.  Not extra fancy, but comfortable.  Kind of like us.

Here are a couple pictures so you can see it from different angles, in case that helps you come up with something.


Right behind that door is what's called a "slide" which comes out and gives us a few more feet of living space.  I had a friend ask for some pictures and a tour, and we will be glad to do that soon! We're going to take a couple more weeks to make it our home and get it prepared.  Part of making it our home and giving it personality, I now believe, includes giving it a name.

While we spend a lot of time both out of doors and a lot of time in the homes of friends and family, let's face it: we're gonna be in this vehicle a lot. No way around that.  We have to take care of it and hope it takes care of us.


It's already gotten us through some tight spaces.

And when the sun sets, this is where we lay our heads to get refreshed for whatever the next day holds. It deserves a good moniker, don't you agree?

Please leave your suggestions on this post. Feel free to leave more than one if you're full of ideas.  If we get one we love, that's what the name will be. If we get a few we love equally, we'll put it to a vote.  Either way, the winning nominator will receive a prize for their winning suggestion.  We'll leave the contest open for two weeks or until we get that just right name.

Thank you for helping us name our home. Anything but Harvey the RV.