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One Wild and Precious Life

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This question has been resonating in my head for months.

Please don't misunderstand, though. The life I have been living has been fulfilling, blessed, challenging and meaningful.  I think it's hardly possible to have a better family, vocation, friends and opportunities than I have had.

And yet. There was something...

I felt a restlessness and a call to live more boldly with this ONE wild and precious life I have!  I sensed this stirring was from God himself, but I knew to verify it would be as easy as having a conversation with my husband.  God would not be giving me a vision and a calling to do something along the lines of what I was seeing if Mark wasn't receiving the same call.

So, we talked. Mark wasn't just ok with my ideas, he was insistent, too, that there was something new for us on the horizon. He had felt the call and was all-in that we figure out what to do about it.

So, here we are on the cusp of some new life plans and some new life-not-planned plans.  I will reveal soon just what direction those early conversations have taken us, and am excited for you to share in the journey!