Have Heart, Will Travel

Having Heart at Home

Nancy Powell1 Comment

Hello, friends!  It has been a while.  Since last I wrote here, we completed our year-long RV journey and have resettled at home.  Well, at least we're resettling. Slowly but surely.

There are still many favorite stories to tell and pictures to share of some of our craziest family adventures on the road, but what has me writing a bit here now is the reality of being at home when you have a heart made to wander.


We have been back four months now, and for at least the first two months or so, I was happy to be home, catching up with friends and family, taking long showers, plenty of baths, and washing clothes without counting quarters.  Sometime after the two month mark, though, I was ready to go again. I am thinking of places to which I want to return, places we didn't get to see yet, and the excitement of life on the move.  But there are no plans for travel in the near future.

Fortunately, the turn toward the holidays has brought a new contentment to being home. I was happy to host a big, festive crew for Thanksgiving and have enjoyed getting our house ready for Christmas.


Petunia has sailed right into middle school with more joy and success than I would have imagined, even for her.  Mark had a great job secured two months before we even returned home and we are grateful for such a blessing.  I have more time to be available both to my family and to teach others proactive wellness with essential oils, which has provided both a job and ministry opportunities for me.

In some ways it is shocking how very little has changed in our lives.  Back at the same house, going to the same church, so many of the same dear friends and it's almost like we were gone for two weeks instead of a year.  I know that the biggest changes took place inside us, though. And they are good changes--new perspectives, broadened horizons, increased confidence, treasured memories and a refined sense of what truly matters.

There are some outward physical changes, too. I am cooking a lot more, given both my time flexibility and the amazing invention that is the Instant Pot. (If you have one, please leave me a comment with your favorite recipes. If you have not gotten one, what in the world are you waiting for?) Petunia spends more time on school-related activities and with friends, but the three of us still make time for special moments together. I work mostly at home now, so that brings a couple challenges, but mostly blessings.

One of our very favorite things of all has been connecting with people about our journey, especially the people who are inspired to consider what their bold move in life is supposed to be.  I had no idea when we started how many people we would talk to about our adventure who said, "I've always wanted to do that!" Really, no idea that so many people long for open-ended adventure and freedom.  I hope in some small way we have been an encouragement to at least a few folks to "Go for it!" whatever their IT is. 

We still love hearing from you, so keep in touch and I will plan on sharing more. We haven't even scratched the surface....