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Memory Monday: When one adventure leads to a BIGGER one!

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EBU jacket Exactly 20 years ago this week, I was working my first post-college job.  What was it?  Well, my degree is Political Science with an International Emphasis, so naturally I was an administrative assistant....in a broadcasting office.


It was at the WORLD CUP OF 1994!!  People, I would have done any job to have gotten to work at the World Cup.  I was lucky to have an inside, well-paying job and still get to be around all the action.  (The photo above is the jacket I was given by my employer, EBU Sports.)  Of course, twenty years ago the only people I knew interested in the World Cup were international friends at Texas Christian University with a couple other Americans thrown in for variety.)  It was one of those friends who referred me to the office where I got the job.

The work was all day long, seven days a week.  I actually had to ask special permission to get off for the two games to which I had already bought tickets. (I saw South Korea vs Germany in group stage and then Brazil vs. The Netherlands in the quarterfinals.) No big deal.


I have not even gotten to the biggest part of this story, though.  As part of an office to which international broadcasters came by every day, I really got to know some of them well.  I would always talk to this couple from Colombia who told me all about their country and family.  We became friends and they asked if I would visit them.  I said I would love to. (Americans tend to deal with these invitations a bit casually compared with our foreign counterparts.)  A couple weeks more of this chatter and one day the wife shows up with a packing list.  For my visit. To Colombia.

I was a 22 year old young lady. I had just graduated from college. I did not mean for them to take my invitation acceptance so seriously, so...now.  What could I do?

I went to Colombia for 6 months and it changed my life.