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An apology to my laundry room

Life lessonsNancy PowellComment

Dear Laundry Room,

I owe you a BIG apology, and I hope you can forgive me.

What did you ever do to me except sit there, big and inviting in my home? Sure, occasionally you hid socks and small pieces of clothing from me under your appliances, but even that cannot really be blamed on you.

No, you were good and faithful...always there, ready to be at service.  But me?  I abused you some days and neglected you even more.

The piles, the overflow, the days on end you never even got so much as a nod from my direction...  I am sorry.  You see, I'm not trying to excuse my behavior, it's just that we had SO MANY clothes, towels, and linens that we (and yes, it hurts me to say this now) didn't need you very much. We just didn't.

But, Laundry Room, I am reformed!  We've lived several weeks in an RV and I now see what I was taking for granted.  The times we've been in a home and can wash clothes whenever we want, without carrying loads across a campground or to a laundromat and without guessing how many quarters we will need has been glorious!  

Furthermore, we got rid of LOTS AND LOTS of our stuff, and you will be needed more often.  You'll make friends with your new, regular customers.  "Oh, hi, Texas t-shirt! Here again already?"

Laundry Room, I promise we'll be better friends starting next August.  I knew I would learn a lot on this journey, and I guess this is one of those lessons.


Nancy, a new laundry enthusiast