Have Heart, Will Travel

Where are we going?

Nancy Powell1 Comment

There are a few questions we get asked very often.  One of the most common is, "Do you have your whole route planned out?"

The answer to that is definitely no.  There have been many, many days that we've woken, knowing we have to depart our current campground or place we're staying with no set destination in mind.  We knew the area we were going to, but not an exact place.  

Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's frustrating to be picking a place while we're going down the road, but we can't plan too far in advance.  Sometimes we just love a place and know we want to see more and have to stay an extra night.  Plus, we want to be open to any divine appointments that may be set, and if we're clinging too tightly to a schedule, we wouldn't really be able to do that.

However, we do have a general direction we are heading.  We have created this map, both to help us remember places we've been, and also for anyone who either may be curious where we're hoping to go or who would like to meet up somewhere along the way, if possible.

As of now, there are three different things on the map: Places we've stayed, Places We've Visited, and Places we Plan to Go.