Have Heart, Will Travel

I think it's time to share!


For a year now this blog has lived in my head and even on the internet, but it's been a little lonely.  I've spent hours writing and many more hours, actually, thinking of what all I would want to write, if I ever claimed a little virtual space of the universe again. I do like to keep a record for myself, but I knew if I started this blog, I hoped there would be some value to others, too.  I figured the only way I could do that was to write about what I know, which were the very topics I wanted to ponder anyway.  Isn't that lucky?

So here you'll find all sorts of posts, but the topics will center around family, travel and compassion.  Wherever any of those intersect is my especially happy place!

For travel, there will be some trip reports from vacations far and near with tips that may be helpful to others, inspirational pictures and locations that may go on our wishlists, general travel topics and value tactics from time to time and a feature I call Memory Monday, which is just a snapshot of one particular moment or a picture that inspires me.


D Nancy and kids


For compassion, I will strive to share what I have learned these last several years, which has been so much about what it means to love well. My teachers have been both others wiser than me and that grandest-teacher-of-all -- the making of and learning from mistakes. Here's a big hint that I hope won't spoil you on all future reading: Relationship is the key to everything.

Jordan dedication Ainsley 7th birthday 014 copy

For family, well...those posts are about my heart.  I love doing life with my family and want to encourage others to combine travel, family and compassion wherever possible.  If there is anything about one of these topics you'd like to learn more about, please let me know. I am looking forward to community here at Have Heart Will Travel!