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Someday Saturday: Santorini

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For my first Someday Saturday post, it was easy to choose Santorini!


  • The mysterious architecture and history
  • The stunningly beautiful water views
  • The food and wine
  • What's not to love?

Fun facts (and more!) to know:

  • Santorini is 11 miles long and covers about 29 square miles
  • Most of what we know now as Santorini was created by an earthquake in 1500 BC.
  • There is a tale in the hearts of some who believe it is left over from the legendary civilization of Atlantis. Oh, the mystery!

Want to read more? Here's another article about the Top 5 reasons to visit Santorini.  So, have any of you been?  What do you recommend? When did you go? Do you agree with the article's suggestion that October is the best time?

Happy Travels!