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NYC: The Top 3 (Part 2)

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You are never too old to enjoy a trip to this iconic toy store! Even without buying a single thing, a walk through this multi-story establishment offers lots of eye candy! As you've read, this was not in our Top 3, but it was close enough to our path for the day and definitely merited a detour! ImageYou may be surprised, but we resisted the urge to make this our souvenir:

ImageI know. Truly our self-control is off the charts.  Well, except that Petunia is not the only one who did this:


After much frolicking, it was time to make it to cross off the next one of our must-do list: view NYC from the top of a skyscraper!  A lot of people choose to do this from the Empire State Building, as had we in the past. For this trip, though, we chose to go to the observation deck at the top of Rockefeller Center, known as Top of The Rock.


I have a love/hate relationship with heights now.  I absolutely love the views, but these places where you are not absolutely locked inside safely peering out through 3 inches of glass do creep me out just a little.

What if I fall?  What if I jump?

Anyway, my issues aside, this experience is remarkable. We spent quite a while up there, taking in the different views from all sides, marveling at the beautiful mystery that is Manhattan.



All this adventure really builds up an appetite.  But I promise I could never in my life be hungry enough to eat what I got served at lunch that day from the famous Carnegie Deli.

While we were on the grand tour of all things touristy we could possibly do, we thought it would be a great idea to have lunch here. It wasn't.  Really, just take our word for it--there's LOTS of amazing places to eat in New York City. So for the love of corned beef, learn from our mistake and skip this one.

It's too much food and it's too expensive and if you think you can get around both of those by ordering one sandwich and sharing...well, you can't. Or, you can, but you have to pay a fee to do that.  So, it's not on our list to repeat.

There's still plenty more to do and see on this day. Time to make our way to the 3rd of our Top 3 list.  To get all the way downtown, we decide to fulfill another one of Petunia's wishes--a ride on the subway!


In the next post, I'll wrap up our Top 3 list and, alas, wrap up this quick but full trip to New York City!