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Memory Monday

Memory Monday: Whale Watching in Maine

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 Whale watching in Maine is a fascinating experience!  I feel extremely blessed to say that I have gotten to partake in all sorts of neat adventures and activities in my lifetime, but whale watching is in the top few on a short list!

We rode on the Atlanticat, a state-of-the-art catamaran, according to the company who operates it.  This was a much appreciated gift of an outing, from and with Nana and Gramps Fuzz, Petunia's grandparents, who are part-time residents in Maine. (Yes, that means more posts will be about Maine in the future! It's a lovely place!)


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Memory Monday: Be careful when playing jokes on others

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Image One Thanksgiving day a few years ago, we went hiking up Enchanted Rock. It was gorgeous, it was fun--all around a great family outing.  That whole vacation deserves its own post series someday, actually. When back down at the bottom, there is a place you can walk through some serious cacti.  I thought it would be hilarious to pick up Petunia and pretend to throw her in the prickly plants.  Well, can you guess what happened?  In the picture above, Mark captures the precise moment when several cactus thorns went in my right leg! Ouch! They were so sharp that they pinned my jeans to my legs and I was in pain until Mark, though dying of laughter, came to my rescue.  That is a Memory!

Memory Monday: There's no de-Nileing it...

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...I'm ready to return!

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We're getting ready to leave for summer vacation very soon...to Uganda!  It will be Petunia's first time going with us and I am beyond excited to experience this beautiful land with her.  So, for my first Memory Monday, it seemed fitting to share a picture from my first trip to Uganda in January 2011, overlooking the Nile River at Bujagali Falls.